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Given that I am quite removed from war, on a personal level, it has never been that far from my life. When I was a little girl, Vietnam was raging, then Iran, then Desert Storm, then Bush’s War on Terror… this country has never stopped fighting… ever.

I’ve populated the planet with children… and my brood has never been in the military. As for family, my father was a Marine but he never went to war. I had a typical waspy family, so my history is not all that vivid (Wasps typically don’t discuss things, as a rule… even family trees). What I’m getting at is, other than people outside my family, I have not known war. But still, I have a deep regard for the people who sign up for it.

My life has been about opening others up to their spirit. If I’m successful, I’ve been a warrior for peace… really. Much like the Amazons in history, the only battle I can wage is on ignorance, intolerance, cruelty, darkness and fear.

Nothing is more important to a true warrior than integrity, truth and honor… and the people I have personally met who currently or historically served in the military during my lifetime or just before have been people I admired completely.

Today I do celebrate that and give thanks for the sacrifice veterans have made to show us what integrity actually looks like. Much less about providing me with freedom, as I am not positive that their sacrifice was utilized by the ‘powers that be’ for that… but for the example and commitment to truth they gave.

Thank you. I remember you… and I am eternally grateful for your life.

Blessed be.

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