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Today started the meat of this trip, where we began our adventures out into the landscape of Malta, visiting the ancient cave, Ghar Dalam. The Maltese language is primarily Arabic, with overtones of Italian, or Sicilian words mixed in, so the pronunciation of the words is strange and not really consistent with the letters themselves. For instance the name of this cave is pronounced “Ar Dalam”… The magic of this part of the day was not all the talking that the Maltese woman, Marie offered but the singing we did inside the cave. 

Our day began in a room in the hotel where we are staying and everyone gave a short explanation of what brought them to this journey; this pilgrimage. I was struck with how soulful and present everyone is and heartened by this fact. In my previous experiences traveling in groups, it wasn’t always so easy… so I was glad of that and said as much in my sharing. 

Why I am here is not entirely clear to me, other than I was definitely called – urged – coerced, albeit gently, to make this trip. Finding my voice feels true. Healing through sound, being connected to the deep seated knowing that exists inside me a strong possibility. Reclaiming something lost to me, but available if I seek it.

This is what a pilgrimage is all about, which wasn’t how I approached it, but certainly where I feel it will be. Most certainly recovering my sense of the power we all can access, but there are few rituals left to do so. It’s likely that I will come back to home and start something powerful that relates to this – and a culmination of my many years of seeking the divine feminine in everyday culture.

This cave is the site of the earliest people to settle here, whose descendants created the many (33 or so) temples. Many were hewed out of the limestone and built from megalithic stone with nothing more than antlers for tools. No metal was used for these people, as it was before the  era where that technology was invented.

Clearly, they were a peaceful bunch and all the imagery, art, pottery, icons were centered on the feminine. This story is the hidden one, the time where people on the earth worshiped and respected life & the regenerative power of women. Now, we live in a crazy time, where fighting and judgement is the primary method of relating…

These standing stones mark the outlines of the temple called BORĠ IN-NADUR… I did, irreverently, call this place “rubble” as that is what it looks like, but even though it looks like a pile of old stones and is adjacent to 21st century busy ness, it holds a peace that was palpable. We simply wandered and quietly sat, listening to our inner voice and what she had to say… Mine was simply peaceful and gentle. 

After a really short day of touring, which including a visit from the worst (ever) waiter I have ever had, I just had to take a nap. A Nap!? That was another kind of bliss for me… I don’t take naps! Today I did and it was luscious…

Tomorrow is a full day, but I have this one thing to say before I go to sleep… Here in this hotel, the only way anywhere outside is from floor 0 (zero). Makes me think that no matter what the “new” endeavor is, you have to got all the way down to zero to get going.


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