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The many opportunities one has to be “more” are consistent for all of us, but giving birth is an experience that defines us completely… I think being born does as well.

Becoming a mother wasn’t something that I thought about, rather something that I was thrown into – or so it seemed at the time – and an experience that has truly define me in every way. Now my  babies are having their own babies, with 4 children now here with parents who were once my babies. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of.

You think that you have all the answers until you have a kid… then you are humbled right down to your very core. We never can imagine how much a heart could open until one accepts responsibility for another person, the way parents tend to with their kids.

No one can tell you how hard it is to give birth if you’re a woman. No one can tell a man how much he’ll appreciate the power his lover possesses until he witnesses her giving birth. It is only in the actual experience that you find out a bunch of amazing realities about yourself, or another.

There are certainly many things that we go through that can define our power, but nothing is as pure (at least in my experience) as feeling our power in the act of giving birth or witnessing it. You don’t even have to be the lover of the mother, or related to her in anyway, to get how amazing we are… when you are physically present for the birth of a child, or around them soon after the actual birth.

They come in pure and clear, a vessel for the soul to explore physical reality. As amazing as we are at the level of the soul, the physical body is truly a remarkable apparatus which is extremely obvious in those first days of a child’s life.

Not only is there a distinct perfection babies possess in their little bodies, but the energy they emit is absolutely incredible. Brand new humans show us our own perfection, as we all started the very same way … and there’s no question that all their needs and desires will be met by those around them. It gives us a moment to remember our own perfection and be that much more faithful about our desires coming to fruition.

The other day, my youngest daughter gave birth to her first child. She was expressing all aspects of herself during those hours of labor and delivery. Her tenderness and her incredible fierceness… as well as everything in between.

Being there with her while she did that was an honor. Before it really began, I did feel peaceful and secure about it all. I didn’t have a sense of worry or concern, as I had been in her position a few times myself. Also, knowing my daughter’s power already, I knew that once she was on the other side of the birth and holding her baby, there would be a new woman there. A woman I felt and knew of, but who possibly wasn’t an aspect my daughter knew about herself yet.

Her being able to have the experience of birth is certainly a gift not all of us choose to have. Against all logical reason she opted to have her baby, whose conception wasn’t planned or even considered a life path when it happened. But my baby & her partner listened to their inner wisdom and the wisdom of their unborn child, defying logic for spirit… Now they have a beautiful little girl and a relationship with each other that is full of love.

They are a family.

 What occurs between two people who conceive a child is miraculous. Also, they can show up for the event or not… In this case both my daughter and her lover have lined up together to support the new life that has surprised them both into presence. 

It’s kind of like when a deer finds itself in the path of a car; bright light illuminates the eyes and transfixes the deer into presence. We are the same when we encounter ourselves through a child’s conception. We can allow the enormous changes to happen, or not. Neither choice is “wrong” either… in this case the “drivers” have bonded together to share in the life of their little girl.

My joy at her arrival is profound, not only for the baby herself, but for everyone whose life she touches. I’ve watched every one of my children become closer to each other because of her birth… and integrate their souls into their daily life that much more. All because a child was born.

For me, I see this as yet another opportunity to be grateful. The difference is that this event is like a tire iron smacking into your heart that wakes you up to Truth. Most of life gives us nudges to serve truth, but hanging out with a brand new person ups the ante in a significant way. It’s like you just can’t ignore the magic we all have delivered to us… and the true value is if we could remember this feeling and always ask ourselves to be this grateful for life without the tire iron experience happening.

My own determination is to do that… Simply, to be grateful for my breath. It happens all the time without me even thinking about it. I don’t know where that initiative comes from, but it keeps me alive… and I am grateful for that.

Life is a rich and abundant experience. Today with the arrival of my little granddaughter while witnessing the amazing strength of my daughter, I’m that much more present for how incredible life truly is. I’m that much more convinced that there’s a lot more magic happening than I may always be aware of.

Today I send my heartfelt gratitude for my earthly family, my soul family and the family of humanity I am a part of. I recognize that we are the Universe… the very fabric of it… each and every one of us.

Blessings to my little daughter, now a woman… Hannah. Blessings to all my relations… and blessings right back to the Universe for creating such a magical reality for me to enjoy.

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