About Kyle King


“Truth is powerful and it prevails”

~ Sojourner Truth

In the past few years, we have all witnessed something remarkable across the globe which has activated many of us. As we found ourselves living in an ongoing and devastating era of change, many of us have had to redefine our lives and our methods for supporting our families. In over 100 years, we have not experienced this level of intensity, brought to us by the pandemic and our global response to it. We have endured crippling anxiety, social and personal upheaval and significant change, while many have lost their jobs and careers and are suffering & just a bit lost.

When I looked around at the number of so called ‘experts’ in the wellness field, it’s been shocking to see how many unskilled and untrained people are calling themselves ‘experts’ – with little to no true experience or education. And I have seen the expense both financially and spiritually people have had to pay, not to mention the resulting pain these internet ‘experts’ are delivering.

Watching this unfold had my insides burning and my professional calling begin to shift into a strong new version of itself.

With years of education, travel, study and immersion under my belt & decades of experience working with clients as an executive coach, astrologer, feminist, activist, ceremonialist and seer, my skills are now solid. In my profession, it’s been my priority to empower my clients and encourage self awareness in such a way that traumas and the pain of the past is not only honored, it is gently transformed into strength for my students at more than reasonable rates.

You will not find empty promises from me, but skillful and conscious support for you to understand you; what inspires you and how to listen to your own deep awareness of what’s important and productive for you, your work, your family and your life.

On a personal note, I’m the mother of 5, grandmother to more and the happy spouse to my long time best friend; a rock climber and adventurer. We live in the far north region of Arizona, U.S.A, surrounded by piñon and ponderosa, canyons and mountains, coyotes, snakes, hawks and ravens.

Our off the grid lifestyle is amazing and we are thriving here on our little ranch in the middle of everywhere.

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