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Eclipses, Supermoons and Rebooting Life

crescent-moon-Venus-600x466The New Moon is an event and we wait excitedly to see the beautiful sliver of moon rising in the morning sky. It’s like a game to see when we see her wink & give heartfelt thanks for another new month. Right before that new moon, is the balsamic phase of the Moon. In years past life seemed just a bit more intense during the dark moon, and somewhat irrational. Truth be told you could say I often felt a bit “dark” myself, hopeless sometimes but always a lot less enthusiastic. Then the New Moon would happen and it did feel like things shifted… the energy moved.

On March 8th at 1:54 am GMT (5:54 PST, 4:54 MT, 3:54 CT, 2:54 ET) there will be a solar eclipse during this New Moon at 18°55’ Pisces (18 degrees, 55 minutes). Eclipses happen when the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up with each other, producing a powerful concentration of energies. What’s more, the next day the moon reaches it’s lunar perigee, meaning that it’s closest to the Earth in this month’s orbit. This is what makes for negative tides & “Supermoons”… When the usual solar radiation is blocked the electromagnetic fields of the Earth and all us little creature of the earth; humans, animals, bugs and plants get reconfigured and “rebooted”. It’s probably not as simple as unplugging an electric cord, but fundamentally it’s the same kind of event and has a very similar result.


This particular eclipse is in Pisces, meaning that it goes DEEP & works on healing everything & exposes everything. Piscean energy can genuinely open the heart because it is the sign that has everything intact within it but it can also be the opposite. Open or Shut – with not much in between… The deep knowing of Pisces is boundless, so depending on how you approach that energy the resulting experience will reflect your set point. In other words, if you are intolerant, negative, fearful, grasping, entitled… (you see where I’m heading here) – this event could heighten those feelings OR hand you some serious wake up stuff to help you get over being that limited. If you truly want to shift and become more of who you really are (meaning love in a body), this is a stellar event that can support you in opening to your soul’s purpose and healing any lingering wounds you may have.

Typically, solar eclipses mark major endings and beginnings. Wherever this eclipse falls on your natal chart is the area where something is coming to an end or something taken to the next level. (click here to learn where this lands in your life). Solar eclipses have 19 year cycles, so look back and recall what was happening in your life on March 8th, 1997. Do you remember what was going on back then? Are there any similarities to right now and if so, what needs to change? This is a good practice for the next few days… identifying who you WERE before, and who you ARE now.

During this eclipse there are a number of other planets lined up alongside the Sun & Moon dance… Mercury (mind/air), Neptune (deep emotions/water), Ceres (mother/earth), and Chiron (wounded healer) are amplifying this new moon/eclipse time. Healing and opening your heart during the eclipse is supported by the close proximity of Chiron to the Sun & Moon right now. This doesn’t mean your emotional scabs disappear, but you will see where the pain exists and start recovering the wayward parts of your soul. In turn you can implant the elements of your being that have been “unwell”, denied or buried. Keep in mind… being enlightened does NOT mean that you suddenly stop being opinionated, it simply means that you allow all parts of your universe to inform you – WHILE your heart remains open. The focus gets off the offended parts and onto the loving ones. You literally become WHOLE… (consequently, snarkiness is more of a comedic pastime than a way of being).

IMG_1120Most people are aware of only 4% of what’s actually going on in life because the bulk of our universe is beyond our five senses. The other 96% of life is invisible, energetic and not measurable; therefore often discounted. For example – have you ever had a “hunch” about something, but didn’t follow it. Then you found out later that the “hunch” was spot on. What about that dream you had but it seemed really unreasonable, so you didn’t do anything about it once you woke up… This is one way that helps you understand the vast nature of your ‘knowing’.


There is no failure or defeat in life, really. What’s really going on is that there’s a step here and another step there repeatedly and the combined steps have brought you to your current circumstances. This eclipse can have the affect of bringing truth into view and accountability into your broken heart. You are never a victim in your life, all of it has your personal signature involved. When you take responsibility, open your heart and allow for truth to rush in… you begin to be AWESOME!

Just think, when you know who you are – 100% and no longer make excuses or apologies for that, you can deliver your own unique kind of AWEsomeness out to others, which REALLY creates some positive momentum in your life! Rather than random acts of kindness, you will be delivering Obvious Acts of AWEsomeness!!!

This eclipse may send you reeling at first because initially you become aware of the hurts and pains that are in there…  Honestly, you simply can’t be aware of your part in things, until you endeavor to be honest with yourself and exercise the willingness to choose joy over being “right”. Sometimes, people spend their entire lives blaming everything and everyone around them only to discover that in the end, none of those postures mattered at all. It is a terribly lonely place being a victim, so if you are running around with that idea… work on shifting it. It will not help you – ever.

Another amazing thing we all get to experience this week is as the Sun continues on his way, it will conjoin Chiron & Mercury connects with Neptune on March 10th, then the messenger connects with Chiron on March 17th at 21 degrees Pisces. Throughout this month, you just have opportunity after opportunity to ride the tide of cleaning up your stuff, opening your heart and practicing obvious acts of AWEsomeness, or something like that, to anchor in a new way of living your life! Listen to your inner wisdom and follow it more. You’ll find that this time opens up a space for learning how to trust that, rather than work so hard to discount it.

… Truly and if you are willing, you can finally come home to yourself and life can be a smooth, clear ocean of experience!! The storms and turbulence stop and you learn how to glide through your life with more clarity. When you lead from your soul’s purpose, rather than constantly satisfying your little ego (little boy/girl), faith becomes your flashlight, truth becomes the way. Nothing and no one knows better than your soul how to proceed in your life & your closest companion will be Source, the Goddess, Allah, Heavenly Father… the name is less important than the feeling the name brings you… which feels like peace and confidence that everything is ok.

All this stands to reason that an event in our collective galaxy has the power to change us. Just think what will happen when more people use these amazing gifts from the heavens to shift their thinking. Our collective experience can improve and all of us can make a difference.

This late afternoon/early evening (depending on your time zone) do this. Rather than rushing around and getting things done, give your self a few moments to just be. Breathe in and out. Watch and feel your heart beat and give thanks for those two miracles that are happening in your own little body (heart beats and breath moves). Determine to be healed and expect a few miracles to come. This is your time, live it and love it and start practicing your own Obvious acts of AWEsomeness.

Blessed be…

Beeee Happy!

Beeee Happy!

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