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Transform Pain to Love

Transform Pain to Love

February 19, 2018

Another school shooting just happened… just like the many, many school shootings lived through directly (if your kid attended, was injured or killed in it), or vicariously and now viscerally as fellow Americans feeling the empathy multiplied by zillions for the families of the many schools where people are being shot to death at an alarming rate.

When Newtown happened, I though for sure we’d do something… those victims were mere babies… But no. Still crickets and ridiculous nonesense about gun rights. It stands to reason that if schools were uteruses there would certainly be some new laws passed ASAP to protect the kiddos inside them, wouldn’t there? The right to own a semi-automatic gun is more important than our kids, I guess.

In the circles I run in, we are… Horrified. Angry & SICK of it.

Given that there’s no value in pointing out the fucking obvious, as far as what could be done in a practical sense, I want to share what YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW if what you’re feeling is utterly powerless.

  1. Notice that you’re feeling horrified & outraged. Simply notice it.
  2. Stop talking to everyone about it & stop posting on social media your outrage. Just stop.
  3. Notice how that sorrow and negativity feels inside your body — the hateful, blaming, negative energy. Notice it & follow the steps below to finally do something different.
  4. Transform your understandable anger into something entirely new. Move into LOVE.

Sounds just a little ridiculous I bet, but hear me out.

Love is the ONLY solution to this & I’m not talking about “loving” the horrible stuff. If you haven’t noticed, all the vitriol and blame is not working. Is it? To affect change, suspend your feelings about the situation as you perceive it and focus on the area around your heart. It’s called the heart chakra, or 4th energy center. Go there and breathe into it, while you sincerely work on activating a positive emotion. One of love, care, compassion or simply focus on something beautiful.

Heart Center

Focus on the area around your heart and breathe in for a count of 5 while you activate a positive emotion, then release it for a count of 5. Keep doing this breath continuously, until you sense a shift in the energy of your body. It will feel like an opening and there will be some movement throughout your entire body. Allowing yourself to activate a positive emotion, while you slowly breathe into your heart will shift things quickly. It doesn’t take long for this shift to happen, but will add years to your life over time. Three minutes is all you’ll need to sense a shift & you can do this breathing technique many times a day on the really rough days, like now.

Our hearts are the main communicator to the rest of our bodies. Additionally, there’s a brain in your heart that sends signals to your brain as you activate it. If you maintain the negative feelings, your body will continuously send stress signals to your body that there’s something to be wary of, so it bathes your body in stress hormones, which do tons of damage to your system. With this concerted effort to transform the energy in your body, you are supplying your body with hormones that do the opposite.

We are being called to shift our awareness to love and care and as a collective. With practice, we can individually make a difference; first in our own lives and by extension, the world around us. It’s easy to maintain outrage right now, but that doesn’t do anything but maintain the same negative perspective that’s driving our world towards more of the same hateful, negative energy.

Remaining an active resister to abuses of power, hateful rhetoric and the dehumanizing of others becomes far more powerful when you are conscious and focused on solutions that start in your own physical world. We are more energy than matter, so we can address these difficult times by being more determined to lift ourselves up to greater perspectives and better futures in our minds and hearts.

If you are seeking greater support in this behavior, find a practitioner like myself, who can guide you towards better methods of being with these difficulties and transmuting them.

You are capable of great things and the world needs you to be your whole, remarkable self right now. Just think. If you start transmuting the negativity today, you’ll become empowered and by extension, an example to others. The more people who take the initiative to shift, the better. Whatever we are focused on, we get more of. Cultivate energy around the Truth of your being every time you feel inspired to bring more negativity to consciousness. Nip it in the bud. Doing this won’t stop you from being an activist, it won’t mean you don’t care about it either… but it WILL inspire better actions to take to change our situation.

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