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Heart Coherence Training

Being Well Is Our Future…

I Can Help You Be Well…

After 2020, a year of defining, tragic and illuminating challenge, living with more clarity and purpose and has now become a more primary goal for millions of people. In the face of unprecedented change, many are learning how important equity and honesty is, especially in the wellness industry.

We’ve witnessed something remarkable across the globe, which activated me 100%. When I looked around at the number of so called ‘experts’ in my field, promoting hateful and dangerous rhetoric and lies, my insides began to burn and my professional calling shifted and morphed into a strong new version of itself.

It is time for those who insist on grounded, spiritual activism and business development to learn how to really step up and into positions of success and leadership.

After 4 decades of serving others, I am shifting into a whole new paradigm of teaching, inclusive of training others how to reverse the stress response, using knowledge of astrology, meditation, activism, feminism and business acumen for personal and professional success.

Becoming more self aware is the key to personal success, so learning tools and skills to promote personal expansion can make all the difference in your life. Services include on-going private sessions, single sessions and in time, group courses – all provided virtually and online.

1:1 coaching, long term support, astrological readings, stress recovery, meditation and more. Click on links below to access more information on what is offered.

If you are searching for equitable, diverse and meaningful ways to develop health physically and financially, click on the links directing you towards those details.

For an in depth understanding of what I’m passionate about, check out my blog and sign up for my email list. You will be kept informed about courses, astrological musings, off grid ranch life and even rituals I will conduct online for low or no cost access to my work.

Being Well is our future.
…. Let me help you Be well!!

Blessed Be


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