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April 12, 2017

The options now are grim. We’ve been facing a complete departure, in real time, of sane responses to world affairs. Millions of people; mothers, fathers, children — humans all, are dying of starvation on our planet. We are gearing up to fight more battles and poised to use nuclear weapons to engage in that fight. Our last election was hacked by a foreign country, for sure, but our lawmakers are taking their own sweet time in uncovering those details… And — We have a man running our country who is a total nut case (his ideal form of governing seems to be a 140 word statement, full of untruths, posted several times a day to his followers and the fucking world) and none of the supposed checks and balances embedded in our government, are doing much of anything to stop him.

What can I do about all this? Haven’t I been a staunch supporter of human rights since forever? Didn’t I raise my children to be equally fierce in that capacity? Didn’t I show them, rather than tell them how to be upstanding humans in the world? Didn’t I work hard to have a world that is thriving? Hasn’t every step I’ve personally taken been with a level of consciousness that supported all life on the planet?

As much as I knew how. Yes… and right now, my efforts seem insignificant and stupid. What kind of world am I leaving to my children and their children? War, hatred, racism, hunger, desecrated earth… I’m totally frozen this morning with the reality of it all.

Hope is fleeting in a world such as ours. We can utter affirmations all day long but trying to believe them is another thing altogether. We can make calls to government officials, state our outrage on social media, field hateful comments about being a stupid “snowflake” from people we will never meet. Try to keep some dignity while suffering a sense of complete powerlessness.

Then — I watch the sun rise. This happens daily, without any effort on my part for it’s occurrence. It’s like my heart beating, or my breath breathing. There’s no conscious act on my part, to continue to live. Not even when I make an effort to be aware. There are things that just keep happening & insure our collective survival.

This is how it’s been forever. We become incensed, but the wheel of life keeps rolling. Being frozen may be my reality right this minute, but I’ll still have to prepare the food for the dogs. Still have to wash clothes, drive to town, take a shower, write a few emails… I will still have to give my heartbroken Saluki his medicine and herbs so he lives another day. Still have to call my grandchildren and ask what they are up to today. I will still have to keep breathing in and out, while my heart beats rhythmically to the beat of the earth. It will all continue, whether I’m mentally a mess or not.

The point is, regardless of how I may respond to the bigger world around me, where I focus my energy will be the tipping point for the world. My sense of purpose and hope can light my way and it’s up to me to activate it, rather than become buried in fear. All this shit is affecting me, but maybe it’s creating a stronger me. Maybe it’s designed to instill something I’ve never known about myself to emerge. Possibly the cells of my body are insisting on all this negativity around me to have some impact, so that I will decide to be more powerful than I’ve ever been before… and being frozen right this minute is forcing a new level of passion in my little body that will effect significant change.

The fact that I’m in good company has not escaped me, in fact YOU are my savior. There are millions of people who are in the same place as myself and my individual power is stronger now due to how many other people feel the same contrast. We humans are innately hopeful. We feel negativity and it naturally provides the opposite experience as the solution. In other words, it is exactly my current ‘frozen’ position that inspires me to visualize what I would rather have in my life.

This is the same apparatus that supported my efforts to raise my children as a single parent. I managed to do that, against all the odds of logic. Looking back on that time I would say it’s a fucking miracle I didn’t descend into total despair and give up. The reason I didn’t was passion. My love for them was bigger than my fear & the odds against me. During the many sleepless nights of worry about how to simply make sure we had enough food, their faces would travel through my mind, anchoring in my heart and I found the will to keep going and provide for them — but also enjoy them, play with them, believe in them. The difficulties actually made me stronger, not weaker. Stronger in my mind and heart, which is where our power is. It’s the invisible strength and fortitude we possess that defies logic and reason every time.

We need a bunch of miracles right now. All of us. What may happen will not play favorites. Nuclear bombs and terrorism don’t stop to ask questions before they go off. A melting ice cap, tornado, hurricane or flood doesn’t tend towards selective expression, but just does it’s thing unilaterally.

When someone gets cancer, the cancerous cells do not communicate with healthy cells and grow without awareness of the damage they’re doing. There’s no dialog with the healthy cells, urging them to stop blindly growing. There’s no relationship to the fact that their expansion is killing the host. What turns cancer off is a lack of nutrients. In other words, consciously refraining from “feeding the beast” is the way to stop it.

There’s a difference between whining about what’s wrong and awareness of it. Complaining does nothing, while knowing what’s happening and continuing to focus on what’s wanted is tremendous. This is our unique power and it transforms reality.

Nothing changes in a vacuum; swirling energy only stirs the garbage up. Focus, determination and love will win out, even in the midst of calamity. Our collective desire for peace and harmony can become a thunderous frequency impossible to ignore, that changes everything. God, I hope you are with me on this!

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