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Can I be a camel, or some other animal with no sense? No, not necessarily, but I suppose that I do have a stupid streak…

Last night I posted something on Facebook, which I’m wont to do… post silly things at times… and offended a distant family member.

A comment, then a video posted to my profile indicating my lapse in appropriate social behavior.

Direct offense was dribbled all over my head at that time… but somehow that is not as bad as my being unconscious to the difficulty this particular woman faces daily… and she wasn’t terribly unkind, but certainly made sure to let me know that I needed some schooling.

It’s not something I generally do… concern myself with what others think of me. It’s frankly, none of my business… Still, I have to say that her point was well taken and will probably help me out in some future exchange with another person who is sensitive to my insensitivity.

Still…  I think we all take ourselves waaaay to seriously… 

I have put this under my belt and know I’ll be more aware than I was… But I’ve also decided to accept that, me being me may offend people inadvertently.


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