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This is an amazing photo of Vajrayogini, who is inarguably the supreme deity of the Tantric pantheon… she represents life, death and everything in between.

At the same time she is luscious and beautiful, she’s fierce and imposing… seeming to say, “Really. Don’t fuck with me!”

Where did all the imagery for people come from and why is this now, such a compelling figure… right now, today?

In my dreams or during the times where I’m sensing or “hearing” information from the Universe, I see this image or something similar to it in my mind’s eye. I’m aware that there is a shift happening, but does this image suggest that both women and men are going to have to utilize the essential female energy that Vajrayogini possesses.

… Yes…

I believe this is so.

We are a sum of the parts… With so many PEOPLE denying the feminine in themselves or in others, we’ve effectively created an environment where the essential nature of the feminine is distorted.

The ability for anyone to tap into their own feminine energy means that they trust their “hunches” and follow those directions. Who do you know, male or female, who listens to that first?

Few, if any trust their inner wisdom, but that is the key to success for all of us.

Additionally, our home – the earth – is not sick or dying, but she is ready to shuck us off due to our unbelievable disregard for her limits. It’s like if a baby constantly insisted on nursing from the breast, but bit the breast repeatedly and with vigor… don’t you think the mother would eventually take the breast away.

Just food for thought today.

… Oh, and listen to your inner voice. It’s smarter than you are.

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