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This is where I’m heading… today. Big open sky. Crisp, cold air… Majestic mountains and the rich smells of the wild. This is where my soul is most expressed, where I hear Source clearly and consistently.

My life is a beautiful, incredible wonder… and it’s been challenging and exhausting to live it.

So many children and so little resource to take care of them… but I did it, but only because of my faith in Spirit. If I hadn’t cultivated that, things would have been less amazing for me.

Now, on the other side of intense mothering I have an intense desire to reconnect with me –

I am a woman who has been formed by all the circumstances of my life, yet defined only through my relationship to Source. How can anything that happens be “wrong”…

Now I understand that it just “is”.

The dichotomy of life is wild and amazing.

I go to the wild places to remember.


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