Intensive Program – One Month


Four weeks of 1:1 – 2 hours a week (2/1 hour sessions or 1 -2 hour session). Additional 5th (beginning of next month) week is spent in integration/contemplation. Contact via Voxer or email during this last week to support integration and fine-tuning plans for moving forward. If there’s a desire after completion to continuing working together, a significant portion of the first month’s fee is folded into a 3 month program fee seamlessly.

Extras included in this program:

  1. Astrological chart – natal chart and current transits explained via MP3 recording
  2. Training on how to reverse the stress response in the body and develop coherence
  3. Scanning of entire body for lurking or buried issues residing within and ongoing clearing of negative implants or entities
  4. 2 months of nutritional supplementation or weight loss products for physical balance, more energy, a clear mind and to help reduce overall inflammation and depletion.
  5. Meditation training and MP3s to guide you in your daily practice.



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