Moon Group for Women – Monthly Membership

$13.00 / month and a $99.00 sign-up fee

This on-going course will teach the mysteries, magic and practicality of using the Moon’s activity to TOTALLY improve life and your connection to your divine female nature, as well as the world around you.



The creatures of the earth have all worshiped the moon. The tides are determined by her, the wolves howl at her, women bleed in time with her, seeds sprout in time with her.

For as long as we little humans have been on earth, the cycles of the stars & moon have been the constant…
Mysterious yet comforting to our ancestors, she was the method to track time… Dark moon to full moon and all her faces in between. The Moon is reflected in woman’s body.

Central to the worship of the moon is woman.

Her body
Her moods
Her fecundity
Her creativity
The moon is a visible reminder of HER power.
Dark to light… withdrawing, gathering, expressing and integrating

Join this Moon group for women to learn about the moon, your astrological chart, your body and your world.

All done via the Facebook platform, where you and your new sisters will be included in a secret group where every month on the New and Full moon Kyle King, healer, teacher, astrologer, mother and grandmother… Lover and activist for the Earth, will teach you about the specifics of that moon, what sign she is in, what aspects to other planets and how it is impacting you! Additionally, you will learn about the lunation cycle and Eclipses, retrograde planets and a deep dive into our feminine history – from WAAAAYY back, when women were revered, honored leaders and queens…

The $99 signup fee includes:

  • Invite into secret Facebook Moon Group
  • Your personal astrological chart and report, per your specific time, date and place of birth delivered to your email for printing.
  • Computer generated report of the specific placement of all planets, asteroids and Chiron. This includes a detailed explanation of tendencies and possibilities available throughout your life.
  • Current transits and a report explaining what’s happening presently in your astrological chart/life.
  • Legend of glyphs, planets and aspects provided (this helps you decipher what all the symbols in your chart represent).
  • Workbook to help you understand the basics of your chart; the position the moon was in at the time of your birth (lunation cycle), Sun,Moon, Rising sign specifics, Asteroids descriptions, Chiron, the Elements, Aspects and times for Mercury retrograde through 2019 & 2020.
  • Coupon for 25% off any private astrological, single session or on-going soul work offered by Kyle throughout the duration of time subscribed to Women’s Moon Group. All 1:1 consultations included.
  • Wholesale prices offered for physical wellness products (Hemp, vitamin sprays, supplements, weight loss program, etc.)

When you refer 3 new members to Women’s Moon Group, who remain in program for 6 months, 3 months of your monthly subscription is refunded ($39).


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