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“Dream with ambition, lead with conviction,
and see yourself in a way that others might not see you,
simply because they’ve never seen it before.”

~ Vice President Kamala Harris



Between having a family and running several businesses, learning astrology became an obsession in my 20’s. Additionally, I studied ancient religion and women’s history because of my deep curiosity of our human dilemma; our physical and spiritual being-ness. My education kept expanding from there and my goal has always been on HOW to be of service to others.

All my services are steeped in knowledge, study, education and experience. Each one is designed to make your life more productive, empowered and joyful.

Although I’m not ‘certified’ in astrology (not sure one can actually do that), I have over 30 years experience, while I do hold certifications in coaching, executive coaching and reversing the stress response.

Self-Awareness Training

This is a full program for those who want to shift entirely and develop a cohesive BODY – MIND – SPIRIT experience.


Astrology offers a very clear view of the basic qualities an individual can have, based on where all the planets were in the sky at the moment of birth.

Heart Coherence Training

This is a simple, yet powerful process that helps reverse the the body’s response to stress, which I teach you in 3 half hour-long sessions.

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