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Astrological Services

In the 30+ years I’ve been studying and interpreting people’s astrological charts, I’ve found that although it appears to be “psychic” it’s not even close. Astrology offers a very clear view of the basic qualities an individual can have, based on where all the planets were in the sky at the moment of birth. Rather than being psychic, in this work I am simply interpreting an elaborate mathematical equation that’s played out over a vast expanse of space.

Given that, what’s great about an astrology session is how matter of fact it is and how it helps my clients with their approach to utilize what they are feeling with clarity and confidence… At least that is my goal.

In essence and much like physical science, astrology analyzes the interaction between physicality (or matter) and vibration or energy.

Because people have all different needs, I offer a number of ways to receive a reading, or at least a report.


Complete report, computer generated and quite excellent, although it is just a computer – so it is a bit generic.

Level 1 – includes, full report for natal birth chart, or current transits

Level 2 – for relationship chart, which includes both partner’s birth chart and the nature of the relationship.

Also I will be available for 2 email questions at no charge.

Complete Report - Natal & Transit

Complete report, natal and transit – My interpretation is recorded and sent digitally to you.

For recording and all charts that are drawn up, with notes and dates included for your review and reference. 2 email questions before session that tell me what you want to focus on, 2 email questions after the session, also for no charge.

Complete report; Natal & Transit – phone interpretation with you in real time. (Includes 1.5 + hour session, recorded session delivered to your email, with charts. 2 email questions after session for no charge.

COMPLETE REPORT - Natal & Transit - Phone

Complete report: Natal & Transit – phone interpretation with you in real time.

Includes 1.5+ hour session, recorded session delivered to your email, with char

2 email questions after session for no charge…

Complete Report - Natal & Transit – In Person

Complete report: Natal & Transit – in person session with me at your home, or office.  Includes 1.5+ hour session, recorded session delivered to your email.

Charts given to you, in person… (depending on distance and if I am not already heading in that direction, there may be mileage cost.)




Tarot Reading

The origins of tarot cards are a particular mystery to unravel, so I won’t try to sound more informed than I am… This is what I have gleaned from my research about this amazing oracular tool

First seen over in Europe late 1300’s in the form of cards – something like playing cards we use now and clearly, there was more to their origins but the history is fragmented.

Easily, one could say that during these centuries of oppressive cultures in France and Italy, mystics, shamans and wise women didn’t take credit for the oracular wisdom they possessed, so they made a game out of it. Empowering others through any avenue that discounted the almighty CHURCH or their priests was deadly business back then.

They were originally ancient cards for games and fortune telling and the transmission of wisdom through symbology of the cards and it is uncanny how accurate I’ve found them to be.

Simple and to the point, a Tarot reading offers a good deal of fun and insightful information for you. The readings are often short and sweet, while deeply moving and impactful.

The tarot consists of 78 cards – 21 Major Arcana and 57 Minor Arcana cards depicting all aspects of life and death. The modern deck of cards used to play poker or ‘Go Fish’ are only the Minor Arcana in Tarot… (Queen, King, Jack, 10) and Number (Ace-9) separated by suits – Diamond, Clubs, Hearts, Spades. The Major Arcana are included in the Tarot and represent the circle of life, so point to more immutable or karmic stuff.

Tarot has inspired a tradition of cartomancy based on various interpretations: symbolic, astrological, cabalistic, alchemistic and in the deck I use, feministic.

Since 1984, I have studied these magical images, performed readings for thousands of people and used them for my own understanding of life… The only deck I’ve ever used has been the Motherpeace deck, created by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel & it is the one I conduct my readings with to this day.

Additionally, I have spent years learning and working directly with Vicki Noble… a well known author, feminist artist, writer, scholar, teacher and shaman who has filled my soul with her wisdom and love. She has taught me well and I do my best to honor her wisdom in all my readings… Namely, stick to the truth even if it’s hard.

YES | NO Questions - 3 Card Sprad or SIMPLE 15-Minute Session

Full 15 Card Spread Reading - 45 Minutes to 1 Hour

Soul Sessions

In a crisis, or even a nagging unrelenting period of weirdness, wouldn’t it be awesome to get help? Especially when you are usually the person others come to for help!

In your purpose driven, busy, overwhelming, non-stop action and activity, heartache, pain and challenges still occur. Life doesn’t stop when shit hits the fan, does it? And, when hard things happen, it’s distracting and causes anxiety, depression, anger or emotional numbness… Not knowing how to take your next step, much less what direction to face can dig that emotional hole deeper.

When things are more than you know how to handle or you have a sense of something but it’s just outside your consciousness, hearing directly from your own soul is HUGE!


Maybe a dear friend or family member passed away, or your marriage is suffering, your health is scary, you want to change your career or your child is worrying you. Hell, you could be in the middle of a flippin’ Pluto transit or your meditations have gotten scary and confusing!

Regardless of the “why” you are stumbling, how to move out of it is critical… and sometimes you are simply stuck.

You want and need help and support during these times, but because you are often the person others come to for help, you are at a loss about who could possible be your resource!

Even for people who are teaching others, there’s a need for help sometimes and my unique gift is I can hear and translate your soul back to you. There are two very prominent aspects to your psyche; your soul and your personality (or your ego). The soul of everyone is clear and clean… and peaceful. Even when there are troubles, your soul will guide you through and keep you in faith and love, rather than anxiety and fear. If it’s so murky in your life, being able to actually hear what your soul is directing you to do can be the problem. Even though you are often connected and feel supported and guided, the times when you’re floundering is a good time to set a time with me & your own beautiful soul.

This session is not a long term commitment at all. It’s a single session lasting anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. It’s deep, rich and full of wonderful clarity that often unhooks you from the confusion and sets you on your path with ease…

If you fill in the form for a free interview with me, to see if it’s a fit, we can go from there.


First hour is $150 and after that, it’s $5/minute
for as long as your self needs…

Soul Living – Living In Truth

  • Can you identify what’s holding you back, keeping you quiet and defining your expression?
  • Do you know exactly what’s limiting you physically, emotionally and spiritually?
  • Do you have the tools and knowledge to live fully and thrive?
  • Do you want to connect with your innate power & create a deep connection with your inner wisdom?

Do you realize that your income, your associations, your looks, how smart you are, or what you do for a living are not how success is measured. Feeling connected, capable, healthy, productive and content is.

When you discover the depth of your soul and learn how to create from your future through envisioning it, your life shifts positively, benefitting you and everyone you encounter. The whole world benefits!

Together we will set out on a journey of discovery and understanding of your precious self, through conversation, journaling & contemplation. You will learn techniques for accessing your power, provided through developing new and empowering habits, proven to upgrade life.

Working on yourself doesn’t have to be grueling or unpleasant when you have capable support guiding you with specific goals and practices developed specifically for you. Nothing “cookie cutter” in our work because every step we take is created for you, WITH you! It is completely unique and specific – as our souls are.

Using methods such as astrology, meditation, deep introspection, education, action steps and challenges (created by you), in a few short weeks you can see and sense shifts. Even your physical health will get an upgrade with the addition of clean, effective, scientifically backed supplemental support, exercise goals and directions, dietary information and, if wanted, weight loss coaching. How you approach everything, especially the stuff that’s held you up in the past – transforms.

Our world is changing in shocking ways and it’s yearning for capable people to find their power and contribute to a new era of consciousness. As the world shifts, you being called to step up your expansion and thrive!

What kind of life can you manifest and… what magic will you create?


On-going Soul Depth Journey offerings ….


Who I Work With at This Deep Level…

… Are eager and more than willing to push through to their next and best place… someone who is “successful” but missing clarity or feeling off on how to move forward or be in complete “sync” on every level. A person who knows her/his potential, but lacks direction and confidence. A person who is aware that “something” is inhibiting her/his expansion and eager to break through to living a bigger life. A person who wants to express her/his full nature but feels limited, struggles with circumstances or isn’t lined up completely.
In a few short months, everything can change with your holistic & personal investment in your precious self.
To expand and grow requires a level of understanding, as well as new tools that help address & change a life that doesn’t produce enough joy, passion or sense of freedom. It may be financial problems, balance between personal and professional endeavors, or family issues that appear to be the cause of unrest. With deeper inspection, new practices and direct conversations we can uncover what’s anchoring you to marginal living, setting you free to express your full nature without apology or limits.

Here’s how the intensive program works…


One Month Program:

Four weeks of 1:1 – 2 hours a week (2/1 hour sessions or 1 -2 hour session). Additional 5th (beginning of next month) week is spent in integration/contemplation. Contact via Voxer or email during this last week to support integration and fine-tuning plans for moving forward. If there’s a desire after completion to continuing working together, a significant portion of the first month’s fee is folded into a 3 month program fee seamlessly.

Extras included in this program:

  1. Astrological chart – natal chart and current transits explained via MP3 recording.
  2. Training on how to reverse the stress response in the body and develop coherence.
  3. Scanning of entire body for lurking or buried issues residing within and ongoing clearing of negative implants or entities.
  4. Two months of nutritional supplementation or weight loss products for physical balance, more energy, a clear mind and to help reduce overall inflammation and depletion.
  5. Meditation training and MP3s to guide you in your daily practice.

Three Month Program:

For 2 months – 1:1 – 2 hours a week (2/1 hour sessions or 1 -2 hour session) for 3 weeks, last week is spent in integration/contemplation. Contact ongoing via Voxer during this last week of the month.

Third month – 2 weeks of 1:1 sessions with the 3rd and 4th week a scheduled meeting for a 2 day intensive here near the Grand Canyon, or in Sedona working together, in person – fine tuning, deep meditation, visioning, creating and developing a plan for launching into your new and more powerful life.

Extras included in this program:

  1. Astrological reading – natal & current transits explained via MP3 recording.
  2. Training on how to reverse the stress response in the body and develop coherence.
  3. Scanning of entire body for lurking or buried issues residing within and ongoing clearing of negative implants or entities.
  4. 3 months of nutritional supplementation or weight loss products for physical balance, more energy, a clear mind and to help reduce overall inflammation & depletion.
  5. Meditation training and MP3s to guide you in your daily practice.
  6. Workout plans and accountability towards greater health.
  7. Marketing input and advice to further your reach into your network, as well as develop a wider audience…
  8. And much more… this is a full meal program for those who are eager to shift entirely and develop a cohesive BODY – MIND – SPIRIT experience.

Heart Intuition –
Stress Recovery

Since 2004 I have been a HearthMath 1:1 provider (

This is a simple, yet powerful process that literally reverses the body’s response to stress, which I teach you in 3 hour-long sessions. Developing Heart Coherence is a simple process that can help with focus, sleep, calmness, anxiety, fatigue and sorrow. Additionally, you can purchase HeartMath technology products to assist you in become proficient in this practice.

Covering a month of time, we work via phone or video-conference & you have unlimited email and Voxer access to ask questions or share successes while I am teaching you how to master this technique.

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