In a crisis, or even a nagging unrelenting period of weirdness, wouldn’t it be awesome to get help? Especially when you are usually the person others come to for help!
In your purpose driven, busy, overwhelming, non-stop action and activity, heartache, pain and  challenges still occur. Life doesn’t stop when shit hits the fan, does it? And, when hard things happen, it’s distracting and causes anxiety, depression, anger or emotional numbness…  Not knowing how to take your next step, much less what direction to face can dig that emotional hole deeper. 
When things are more than you know how to handle or you have a sense of something but it’s just outside your consciousness, hearing directly from your own soul is HUGE! 

Maybe a dear friend or family member passed away, or your marriage is suffering, your health is scary, you want to change your career or your child is worrying you. Hell, you could be in the middle of a flippin’ Pluto transit or your meditations have gotten scary and confusing!

Regardless of the “why” you are stumbling, how to move out of it is critical… and sometimes you are simply stuck.

You want and need help and support during these times, but because you are often the person others come to for help, you are at a loss about who could possible be your resource!

Even for people who are teaching others, there’s a need for help sometimes and my unique gift is I can hear and translate your soul back to you. There are two very prominent aspects to your psyche; your soul and your personality (or your ego). The soul of everyone is clear and clean… and peaceful. Even when there are troubles, your soul will guide you through and keep you in faith and love, rather than anxiety and fear. If it’s so murky in your life, being able to actually hear what your soul is directing you to do can be the problem. Even though you are often connected and feel supported and guided, the times when you’re floundering is a good time to set a time with me & your own beautiful soul.

This session is not a long term commitment at all. It’s a single session lasting anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. It’s deep, rich and full of wonderful clarity that often unhooks you from the confusion and sets you on your path with ease…

If you fill in the form for a free interview with me, to see if it’s a fit, we can go from there.


First hour is $150 and after that, it’s $5/minute
for as long as your self needs…


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