The origins of tarot cards are a particular mystery to unravel, so I won’t try to sound more informed than I am… This is what I have gleaned from my research about this amazing oracular tool

First seen over in Europe late 1300’s in the form of cards – something like playing cards we use now and clearly, there was more to their origins but the history is fragmented.

Easily, one could say that during these centuries of oppressive cultures in France and Italy, mystics, shamans and wise women didn’t take credit for the oracular wisdom they possessed, so they made a game out of it. Empowering others through any avenue that discounted the almighty CHURCH or their priests was deadly business back then.

They were originally ancient cards for games and fortune telling and the transmission of wisdom through symbology of the cards and it is uncanny how accurate I’ve found them to be.

Simple and to the point, a Tarot reading offers a good deal of fun and insightful information for you. The readings are often short and sweet, while deeply moving and impactful.

The tarot consists of 78 cards – 21 Major Arcana and 57 Minor Arcana cards depicting all aspects of life and death. The modern deck of cards used to play poker or ‘Go Fish’ are only the Minor Arcana in Tarot… (Queen, King, Jack, 10) and Number (Ace-9) separated by suits – Diamond, Clubs, Hearts, Spades. The Major Arcana are included in the Tarot and represent the circle of life, so point to more immutable or karmic stuff.

Tarot has inspired a tradition of cartomancy based on various interpretations: symbolic, astrological, cabalistic, alchemistic and in the deck I use, feministic.

Since 1984, I have studied these magical images, performed readings for thousands of people and used them for my own understanding of life… The only deck I’ve ever used has been the Motherpeace deck, created by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel & it is the one I conduct my readings with to this day.

Additionally, I have spent years learning and working directly with Vicki Noble… a well known author, feminist artist, writer, scholar, teacher and shaman who has filled my soul with her wisdom and love. She has taught me well and I do my best to honor her wisdom in all my readings… Namely, stick to the truth even if it’s hard.


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