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Hey there…

Maybe you visited my previous site… and I hope you liked it… Well, now it’s gone. I honestly don’t know what happened but the Universe took it down. My webmistress certainly knows how that happened, in some sort of technical way… Me. I’m chalking it up to Divine Intervention!

Years of my writing were wiped out overnight and quite a mystery, in some ways but I’m fine with it actually, as what I’m offering keeps changing, so it felt like a release once I wrapped my head around it all.

“Start where you are and go forward” is how I’ve learned to live my life.

IMG_3940Where are you now? Are you feeling the fullness of who you really are? These are the basics of my work. Integrating you soul with your sweet little personality, otherwise known as YOUR EGO.

Please don’t kill your ego… It keeps your a body – safe and sound, so you need it, BUT you also need to put a leash on it! The ego’s method of taking over most of your thoughts and suggesting this and that, which are ideas that no longer server you… well, this is really annoying, but so, so common. Please sweet one, just try to be quiet enough to hear the voice of you soul.

That’s what I do… and I do it well. Over the many years of my life I’ve learned to relax about all the noise that I listened to – and learned to listen only to the sound of my soul and then my students soul’s. It’s remarkable how vast we all are and also how connected we can be to one and other… There’s power in that. Remember this.

So today is the start of a new day and for me, a new blog. My intent is to keep you up to speed on the meanderings of my life and work. It may be of help to you… that is my desire.

Check out the Nerium page… if you want to. That was a total surprise to me, joining a business of that nature, but truly it was also a Divine suggestion and therefore I go… that… way.prayer

More to come, but here is a start.


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