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So, I’ve been thinking about something this week… It is this; I WISH I had super human powers sometimes… 

I kinda do, but lately I’m feeling more like a loser than a super woman.

A few things that bug me today.

I’ve been blogging since 2004. LOOONG before people did much of that… but I’ve never had anyone get all “I’ll follow you!” on my blog. Never. Even though I wrote some great stuff.

First it was about astrology, life coaching, mothering… that was the first blog. Then it was all about Amazon women… that one was called the Hypogeum and was FULL of amazing research and information about women and how to be more dynamic and less of a doormat. 

Then I was guided to start one that I don’t actually come up with the words for and requires me to get up at an ungodly fucking early hour and while practically asleep, write a long ass post that maybe 5 people read.

This week, I’m just tired. Tired of humans, tired of being expected to pick up after them, take care of their business and their difficulties and even though that’s mostly what my life is about … apparently I’m not doing it well or enough of it. 

My question is, why is it that my youth was spent wiping little bottoms & noses, while being understanding about my philandering husband’s philandering and my middle age is spent doing the same shit for grownups I’m not related to. 

My daydream today is about being SUPERWOMAN…

If I was Superwoman, what would my super power be?

Hmmm… I’m a psychic but I don’t think that’s remarkable enough. How about my A-mazing powers wiped out narcissists, rapists, media people (not all of them, I would spare Terry Gross and Tom Ashbrook) and pedophiles.

Politicians may be another group I’d mess with, practicing some heinous form of ritual torture, possibly like making them powerless while women practiced medical procedures that rendered them unable to procreate. 

OK…This is it. My amazing power would be that I could – just by looking intently at the offender – make them unable to move. Then, I would approach them slowly, continuing to stare at them with my grey-blue, piercing eyes and penetrate their dark, nasty, painful heart with a ray of pure, bright soul light. They would revert back into the pure soul they were born as and completely forget how to be an asshole.

You know, that may actually be the very best thing a superpower person could do.

Well, no one said I could tell stories very well and the superpower talk is short and sweet… But, remember, I remain the prolific writer of blogs (before it was cool) who only 5 people knew about and read. 

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