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Who’s Your Guru?… oh, you.

This is a picture of a man named James Arthur Ray… another person who makes “self help” seem like a bad idea… In October of 2009, he was leading a group of people in a sweat lodge, which was a part of his “Spiritual Warrior” intensive in Arizona. This intensive week was supposed to help people overcome their limitations and expand their lives on ALL levels… it cost each participant almost $10,000.

Today, he is currently serving prison time for at least 2 years for the wrongful deaths of 3 people… 3 of his own students! In addition to people dying in his sweat lodge, 18 people were hospitalized for burns, respiratory arrest, kidney failure, loss of consciousness and dehydration. Geez… what a mess!

In 2009, I didn’t get out much. Didn’t watch any news. Wasn’t interested or actually able to be involved in working with people in anyway… my ability to manage life was compromised a bit due to the major shifts in my consciousness… but somehow, the Universe had me find this fiasco online.

First I dreamt about it, not this exactly but something along these lines. Then saw a post from a woman I didn’t know, on Facebook… so I’m unsure how I saw it (remember, I wasn’t surfing the internet for anything then), but I recall vividly being taken down a winding internet road to arrive at this news. It was Oct. 10th… the event happened the day before.

I found it horrifying, but my husband commented on how obsessed I seemed to be about it, which he found horrifying… I think. Regardless of those first few weeks of “obsession”, it’s been years now that I’ve periodically found myself googling Jamesy. Everytime I did I’d find more and more weirdness about this guy… It’s not worth going into, but you can google him too and you’ll see what I mean.

Today, I got that google nudge again and was impressed with what I found. Somehow, a bit of human justice prevailed and he’s in jail for awhile. At least 2 years, to be exact.

Of course his being in jail will not bring back the 3 people who died… or repair the other folks’ involved particular issues (how could you not walk away from that shit show and not have some bad dreams…???) … but his being in jail seems reasonable.

So many criminals walk around in our world, but they are above the law somehow… he could have been one of them… You know, like O.J. or the many wealthy CEO’s of various corporations who aren’t slowing the flow of champagne on their weekend party circuit… I’m glad he’s got some time in jail, but really it’s just a bit late.

I remember when I watched the Secret a few years ago and something about him was familiar and creepy… I knew him before probably. It was really bothering me that he was promoting his ability to give people a better life the way he did… He was also smearing the whole field of self improvement. That movie made me wonder who picked the people that were on it and what were their criteria for those choices…

I’d say, exposure. It wasn’t so much about what anyone in that movie was offering, but possibly how big their “list” was… If you have a huge email newsletter list, that means instant advertising for the creator of the movie… One email to thousands upon thousands of people through the various “experts” filmed, websites. Easy peasy… and that’s how marketing works in this day and age.

For me, I’m not that good about posting anything on my website… nor do I have a list anymore… at least not yet. But, if people want to make changes and I can really help them, I know that they’ll find me…

And I would never be on a movie like that … even if I am the real deal… cause I don’t have a “list”.

In truth, the “real deal” is everyone… but they’d have to decide they are ready to serve truth. I’m seeing lots of the “real deal” people lately… they are protesting all over the world. It’s impressive.

Anyway… this is a nice little rant about something that’s upsetting but clarifying.

You are. I am. She is. He is. They are… ALL able to reach Source on your own!

You don’t have to practice austerity to achieve it. You just have to determine that your energy is yours and yours alone. It’s not for sale, or rent. It doesn’t belong to anyone other than you and those who you feel guided to share it with.

Source never takes you into a “bad neighborhood” to learn, either… 

This is what I know to be true… so I urge you to trust your own inner wisdom…

Oh and that doesn’t cost one single dime!

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