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When choosing a person to officiate our wedding, my husband and I gave it great thought.  We wanted our special day to be meaningful and everlasting.  It didn’t take long for us to decide that we wanted Kyle to be our officiant. 

Before the big day, Kyle met with each of us separately and as a couple.  The purpose of these connections was to gain a deeper understanding of our intentions around our union.  We had several back and forth dialogues Kyle designed to help us become present for what our love meant to US and our intentions as a couple. 

She did an amazing job asking us questions inspiring us to be aware of what was most important to us in relations to our wedding and our commitments to each other.  She listened to our needs, our concerns and gave us comfort as well.

Each step of the process, which included ideal days according to Astrology, were thorough, professional and nurturing. We were able to design our ceremony in a beautiful way because she used our conversations, our written statements to guide us towards making our vows reflect our hearts and souls. 

We made intentions that day and asked our loved ones to be witness to our commitment, which made our ceremony graceful, powerful and precise. Kyle’s ability to set the tone we wanted and hold our ceremony in her heart was incredible.

She really made the entire event more special then we could have dreamed.  

We both appreciated and loved how much her experience and guidance gave us. With her help, we began our marriage with words and intentions that mattered. Additionally her methods caused our guests to be seen and important. The day flow with power and beauty.  

Our journey as a married couple began with beautiful, loving and intentional vows and the ceremony was magical. We know our marriage will forever be blessed because of the care Kyle placed into every aspect of our day.

Sarah & Jacob - State of Hawaii

In our love journey towards marriage, Kyle King was our guide, counselor, astrologer, wise woman and eventually, officiate for our wedding ceremony.

In all of these roles she met and exceeded our expectations through listening, witnessing and supporting our relationship.

Kyle is a fearless leader, unafraid to usher you towards your truth, offering her strength in times of personal challenges but always standing strong in personal accountability.

An example of this is when she led us in a frank and honest conversation about monogamy and relationship expectations.  These are scary subjects for a couple about to dive into a lifelong commitment, and one that many couples don’t delve into until it’s too late.  With Kyle’s guidance we were been able to have and continue even now, to sustain conversations around hard topics, conversations that bring us closer as a couple.

We are really grateful for Kyle’s energetic assistance in birthing our relationship from something wonderful into something wondrous!


Sarita Rhodes

Movement Practitioner in the Creative and Healing Arts, SaritaRhodes.com

My experience working with Kyle was so much bigger than I thought it would be. A friend told me about her in regards to getting my chart read and without knowing anything about me, she was able to understand me in a way no one ever has. I felt seen and validated in so many ways.

We decided to work together after that and I will be forever grateful for that time with Kyle. She was consistent in her support and I felt safe to explore things with her because of her genuine attention and presence.

Juliet Maris

Alignment Therapist, Juliet Maris - Body Work

Kyle is a genuine and warm soul, easy to talk to and always very positive and compassionate, while her insight has been, literally priceless.

She is committed to total honesty and has taught me how to better stand for my own truths in the time I have worked with her.

Another attribute of Kyle’s, which particularly stands out for me, is her ability to deliver pertinent information or messages to me in a succinct, powerful and almost ritualistic way. Her support has cumulatively led me to apply significant changes to my response to events, which have shifted my personal and professional life positively & dramatically.

She is also an absolutely amazing communicator. She is able to paint vivid pictures and appropriate metaphors to help me better understand if I need to make changes in my thoughts, my actions, or my behavior in order to improve my personal and professional results.

Also, I greatly value Kyle’s worldly knowledge. She is extremely trustworthy with my innermost thoughts and feelings, which is important to me as this allows me to be completely vulnerable with her… I feel very blessed and honored to be able to walk with Kyle through my ups and downs during this newly designed, next stage of life.

Tasha Lee McDonald

Lawyer | Single mother of Two Teenagers, Juliet Maris - Body Work

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