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December 19, 2018

This year, 2018, is coming to a close. My lover and I took to the western to midwestern highways for a visit to his family and I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on this past year, which has been many things.

Several of my children have had impactful and harrowing times of depression, illness, loss and betrayal (when one has many children, there are a lot more opportunities for growth). There are a number of people I’ve known for many years, who I’ve discovered, are not people I want in my life in a deep way. The personal, up close stuff and it often seems the world is unraveling in a significant ways.

There is a thread of consistency in 2018 that points to uncovering infection and clearing the debris away. Clean and clear methods for moving, but not without some deep introspection on best actions to take for expansion.

There’s another phenomenon I’ve noticed this year, more than other years prior to this. The onslaught of “experts” in teaching and direction towards “alignment” and “psychic attunement”.

After a weekend workshop, or a six week course… or maybe a week long “immersion into the 5th dimension”, now thousands of neophytes are suddenly experts and can charge enormous prices for their “expert” coaching.


After almost 4 decades of study, experience, life and teaching the skills of awareness, I don’t consider myself an expert in YOUR life and cannot — in good conscience — portray my work, or myself in this way. But now, there are those in their first decades of life who are confidently presenting themselves this way.

Much like the current president, who has NO experience as a public servant, but portrays himself as a leader to lead all others, we have this in my profession also.

There is a danger in this kind of offering, in that without years of experience, practice and study, one is not able to offer true clarity to others and can do great harm to seekers of truth by inciting their fears of unworthiness, while promising “healing and awareness” with that edge of “complete alignment” to others.

Trendy, shallow and a dangerous direction to follow, in my opinion. This kind of off handed understanding can do much more harm than good. First of all, being a spiritual guide or “energy reader” does not mean that lighting some sage and doing a “clearing” will rid your clients of anything, other than a little bit of surface tension.

Nothing of merit comes from someone telling you the main problem you have is that you’re “out of alignment” or there are evil energies surrounding you that are taking you off track.

Then paying sometimes 10’s of thousands of dollars for their advice is ludicrous, yet it’s all over the internet. And worse, many people are taking this as all they need to become their own expert and offer up the same shallow and uneducated perspective to paying clients; forget that they’ve still not been able to resolve their own shit yet.

This is no different than hiring someone to do an important job who has little to no experience ever truly doing it. Can they know what’s troubling you, when they can’t decipher their own spiritual failings? Are they simply regurgitating others’ information with a few tweaks here and there, to make that information seem unique?

Being psychic is no fun, if you’re truly gifted with that skill. First you’ll deny it, hide from it, minimize it and avoid it. Mostly, you simply want to fit in to society, but when your inside voice is muddled with other people’s voices, it can make you feel like a total crazy person.

Everyone has empathy. EVERYONE… so deciding that this is a gift, unique to you, is absurd — yet according to many online sites, this is your ticket into psychic attunement…


Becoming more aware is important but it’s not and shouldn’t be a marketing angle to take after a few hours of study. You are not an expert and are being irresponsible when you tout yourself as one.

What if your client is truly suffering from an energy invasion? Do you really have the connection to Source to help them, as this is how that’s accomplished not by you — EVER. And when confronted with something dark, can you confidently state that you know what to do about it?

In this profession, I’ve had clients who needed something different than my teaching and I referred them to other professionals. They were clinically depressed or anxious and needed psychiatric care and, at times, pharmaceuticals. My ego wasn’t involved, but my experience in this work was. Sure, I lost a paying client, but if my work is to actually help people — my loss was small. Their gain was huge — as time and time again, I’ve had these clients come back to be and offer a great deal of gratitude to me.

This new rash of ‘psychically attuned professionals’ are completely unable to override their lack of experience to identify exactly what’s needed for their client. Rather than pointing them towards the help they need, they bumble around with this affirmation or that ritual as the healing needed, sending a sincerely needy person into deeper despair — now coupled with financial stress from paying out the nose for their shoddy advice.

Integrity is key, no matter what service you have to offer. Being trained and having enough experience work together in this work, as we don’t have standards to go by. We must be aware of what we can do and stop allowing for marginal knowledge to be our new standard for expertise.

Keep learning and offering up the true healing for Source to accomplish. To those interested in working with me, I make it abundantly clear that I am like a PVC pipe for the Universe and all gratitude is to Them. Look for someone to help you who has skills and integrity, not just marketing savvy. They do not have what it takes to help you achieve your “next level”, but are merely capable of taking your money and running off at the mouth at how great they are at visualizing their abundance (and therefore able to do that for you) in their next social media post.

Yes… a bit of a truth bomb this morning!

As our planet moves towards the longest night, reach for the light and uncover what’s true so 2019 delivers a more honest, more capable, more powerful you.

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