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Over the past few years I’m experiencing a few things that are, what appear to be, reactions to hormone changes (I’m over 50) and exhaustion from 30 years of mothering. Also, I’ve not been able to really deal with the fact that I “hear” things. 

A teacher of mine who is also psychic said, “Sometimes, I’ll be walking down the street and pass by someone. Suddenly, I feel to blurt out, ‘DON’T MARRY BOB!!!’ and make a complete fool of myself.

I get it.

To offset the difficulty of being me, I’ve thought about just maintaining a level of activity that helps me remain in balance.

While my husband was on a climbing trip recently, he let me know that he’d put together a 10 week “progression” for me. A plan, of sorts, to increase my weight load while doing a few basic barbell movements. Although I don’t know what the result will be, already I have felt the benefit of this activity.

Fortunately, I’ve had significant training with a barbell and do not need his constant attention to do these workouts cause he’s in the mountains for the summer. Even though I miss him, I feel him constantly with me… and I know that he is exactly where he should be.

As I resist the urge to blurt out non sequiturs while going to the bank, life goes on as it does for one who’s walking a really long way to the temple. You know, like a pilgrimage.

Life keeps unfolding on me and yet I keep finding myself at the center of the fold… constantly. Trick is to be graceful as I metamorphosize.

For now, I’m just doing what I can when it comes to activity and trusting that I am doing fine…

Which I am…

… Doing fine.

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