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Eclipse… the meaning of that word is to shadow or obscure the light… When the light is less bright, the shadow becomes obvious and the true nature is obscured for a bit and your unhealed places can be revealed to you.

It’s been made abundantly clear to me that negativity in our consciousness does changes only when we are aware that it’s there… In other words, once we are conscious of something unhealed it’s fairly straightforward to resolve it…

As a teacher, I’ve seen this over and over… I’ll feel to reach out to someone and suggest that there is something amiss… to which I will be told that all is well. In a few days or weeks, though, I may hear back from that same person who has a new insight and/or an event occurs which brings them to their knees… Whatever insight I’d offered is a just little ahead of their conscious awareness of things … but it emerges fairly soon thereafter.

Lately the work I do seems to be even more profound to those who I work with… For those who haven’t worked with me, I’m very clear that I am merely a resource for the Universe to work THROUGH… and it’s not about me, per say.

What I mean about the “work I do” is that what moves through me has become much more direct and productive. I’m not sure if that’s due to my own changes and clarity, or if there’s much more energy of transition working in the greater expanse of consciousness as we know it.

I believe that there’s a ton of growth happening for everyone, so for whatever reason, tons of movement.

What’s fascinating to me is how much bullshit is being delivered about “healing” the world. Much like our misguided religious fanatics (Christian, Muslim etc. etc.) who are all about “cleansing” society from infidels. The fabulous New Agers are just as dangerous.

Beware when you hear someone say that there is a “right” and/or “wrong” way to connect to spirit (the actions that you take or don’t take), unless there is great love in the description of that distinction… If that isn’t present, it’s utter bullshit.

No matter who I work with and what their “religious” leanings are (Christian, Jewish, Pagan, Muslim… etc.), when they are truly connected to their religion of choice and use it as a fulcrum for their own connection to Source/God, it’s pure and in no way negative. It’s when someone forces an issue or suggests that they have “the way” to God… That’s when its very suspect and in my opinion, full of dark energy.

You know what I mean, right? The yahoos on TV or on the radio who spew endlessly about what Christ says, or that God is a vengeful sort… this is complete and utter garbage and not worth a moment of your attention… one way or another.

It does poise a possible threat to all of us, though. These fanatics… they can be pretty scary… Some of them are so convinced that they are doing “god’s work” that they strap a bunch of explosives on their body and take a walk into a crowded area where they do incredible harm to many unsuspecting people… Still, even then, the way that dark energy works is hard and fast… True spirit is never wavering and always consistent… At times it doesn’t seem as powerful a force, but it’s is.

Trust me…

What I’m sensing today is that no matter what this recent eclipse eclipsed for you… there’s a much deeper purpose to the argument you found yourself in… the accident you had in the strip mall parking lot… the cut you suffered on your index finger that spewed blood all over the kitchen… (or whatever it was that happened to you in the past few days) than what’s obvious OR what you may be reacting to.

Hold tight for a bit longer and really try to see what’s being provided for you. It’s always productive and it’s always supportive, even though it just feels like it’s hard right now.

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