Being Well is a gorgeous dream of life …


Living fully in your heart, your mind, your body and in our shared world.

“Being” means conceivable and capable of existing.

“Well” is healthy, sound, hearty.

After years of successes, challenges, trails, difficulties, extensive study, travel, education and TONS of practice, my skills cover all aspects of Being well… and I can teach and guide others towards their own expansion in many ways.

We first establish an understanding of your unique energy and we can then build, from there, a deeper awareness of your essential self, adding practical actions to insure your shift from not knowing, to knowing how to live differently… and more powerfully.

… Once you are capable, the new energy of possibility will naturally trickle into your work & relationships with others. This is a powerful, yet gentle way of changing your mind; resulting in your life, your relationships & your work, blooming into new flowers.

Abundance means being able to do whatever you want, when you want, for as long as you want and with whomever you want… Being Well incorporates this knowing into all the ways possible for all those who are seeking it.

This is the promise we are given at birth – Being Well. Together we will recover that memory and you will begin living inside it.

In order of simplicity, here are the ways you can begin your journey with me into Being Well … click on each to learn more about what is available to you.


Heart Intuition – Stress Recovery

Intensive Soul Work

Sacred Marriage Ceremony…

Life Transition Support…

Physical Health Consultation – IT’S FREE!!!

When our body isn’t completely healthy, we suffer in all parts of life. As a courtesy to my clients and potential clients, I offer a comprehensive overview of your current physical condition, inclusive of interpreting your medical reports to see how your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, body fat, weight, vitamin D & B levels are (I am not a doctor, so my interpretation is based solely on knowledge of optimum levels are for health and expert knowledge). Without a medical report, I can still assist in offering suggestions for supplementation, exercise and mental or emotional support to help you determine what you can do to improve your health and which products can be used that are designed to help.

With access to a suite of products that provide supplementation to help in energy issues, weight loss, pain relief and mood disorders – including Hemp based CBD oil and crème, I can easily make knowledgeable recommendations to support your vitality. This is in NO WAY a substitute for a medical practitioner’s advice, but the recommendations and product information can be shared with your expert for confirmation.

What Our Clients are Saying

In my love journey towards marriage Kyle King was our guide, counselor, astrologer, wise woman and eventually, officiate for our wedding ceremony.  In all of these roles she met and exceeded our expectations through listening, witnessing and supporting our relationship.  Kyle is a fearless leader, unafraid to usher you towards your truth, offering her strength in times of personal challenges but always standing strong in personal accountability.  An example of this is when she led us in a frank and honest conversation about monogamy and relationship expectations.  These are scary subjects for a couple about to dive into a lifelong commitment, and one that many couples don’t delve into until it’s too late.  With Kyle’s guidance we were been able to have and continue even now, to sustain conversations around hard topics, conversations that bring us closer as a couple.

We are really grateful for Kyle’s energetic assistance in birthing our relationship from something wonderful into something wondrous!

Sarita Rhodes

Movement Practitioner in the Creative and Healing Arts,

When asked to write a testimonial, I at first thought, ‘oh that will be easy’ but as I sunk into the deep and profound respect I have for this woman as a teacher and friend – I realized this was a harder task than I imagined.

Having known Kyle for over 20 years, first as the creator and teacher of the Amazon course, a life coach when I was struggling in my marriage, a sister who has supported me through the long care for and death of both my parents, a guide in the spiritual world as I struggled to remember who I really was, a shaman as I entered into the valley of darkness, a fellow warrior in the long battle of patriarchal control and the personal violence we have both been privy too, as a fellow business woman and entrepreneur, and lastly a role model as mother.

Picking a few words to sum up Kyle’s ability to assist others in becoming all they are meant to be – is not easy.

Her vast awareness of source and ability to channel that through numerous well researched disciplines, gives her tremendous power in helping humans realize their full potential. The clarity of her counsel although hard to hear at times, has always been 100% accurate for my highest good.

If your soul is asking to wake up I have two things to say: buckle up, and you couldn’t ask for a better guide than Kyle King.

Carmen Kubas

MA ED Teacher, KKHS Founder/CEO, Mother Activist, Light Worker, Lightfoot Incorporated

Working with Kyle has been truly transformational. She has helped me to navigate through some deep challenges in my life, and to come through those times with a greater understanding, awareness, love and compassion for myself. The work she does with clients is truly unique, as it differs based on the individual and all of the complexities of our mind, body and soul. I have worked with Kyle for many years now, and am incredibly grateful for her wisdom, love and guidance.

She has a deeply kind, loving heart, and is fearless in guiding me back to myself time and time again. Even during times when I struggled being in a human body, and was at the depths of my darkness, Kyle helped me to turn my ship around and make my way to a kinder, more joyful way of being in this world. I now have so many tools and techniques that I learned that I can access to maintain a sense of steadiness and trust, regardless of how intense life appears to be. It is hard to put into words the impact of this unique and powerful work, so I will simply say THANK YOU!

Big LOVE & GRATITUDE for the work that you do to help others uncover their most amazing, brightest self!

Amy Mihal

Co-founder of Village Yoga, Educator, Yogini, Village Yoga

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